Philadelphia Housing Authority
The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) is organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to develop, acquire, lease and operate affordable housing for city residents with limited incomes. PHA is the largest housing agency in the Commonwealth and fourth largest in the nation. PHA serves over 77,000 residents at more than 40 conventional developments, 5,000 scattered site units, and in rentals through the Housing Choice Voucher Program in the City of Philadelphia.

Comcast Cablevision
Comcast was founded in 1963 as a single-system cable operation. Today, Comcast is the country’s largest provider of cable services – and one of the world’s leading communications companies. Comcast is focused on broadband cable, commerce, and content. The company delivers digital services, provides Internet and broadband phone service, and develops and delivers America’s favorite programming.


Wilco is in partnership with PEC (People’s Emergency Center) to provide Low Cost Internet.
PEC mission is to nurture families, strengthen neighborhoods and drive change in West Philadelphia.  PEC offers more than 250 affordable housing units, job training, parenting and early childhood education, financial education and planning, life skills and technology coursework.
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