Internet Service

The internet today is essential to every household, but to many it is seen as a costly expense. We do not believe that a person’s income should stop them from having access to this important information source.

Wilco Electronic Systems Inc. and Mobile Beacon have partnered up to provide PEC’S low cost high speed Internet to Philadelphia Residents. This low-cost option, comes with a LTE Wireless Hotspot. 

The cost for this plan is $129.95+tax and first month to start then $14.95 monthly.

If we ship the modem it is $6.80 instead of the $14.95 install.

Please call our Customer Care for information. 215-540-3930.

Wilco is in partnership with PEC (People’s Emergency Center) to provide Low Cost Internet.

PEC mission is to nurture families, strengthen neighborhoods and drive change in West Philadelphia.  PEC offers more than 250 affordable housing units, job training, parenting and early childhood education, financial education and planning, life skills and technology coursework.

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