Home Security


Protect your family from home invasion and desperate criminals when you are there, and protect your valuables from vandals and thieves when you are away.

Every 14.6 seconds a burglary occurs in the US.

Homes without monitored security systems are 3X more likely to be burglarized than homes with a security system.

Wilco Smart Home Security Solution

A Brilliant Way to Bring Your Home to Life. With it you can arm your security system, lock the doors, close the blinds, adjust the thermostat, turn off the lights, view in-home video camera feeds and more. All from any web-enabled device.

Home Security Intrusion & Alarm Solutions

Wilco offers many security solutions for single-family homes, multi-tenanted buildings, gated communities, & condominium environments.

Wilco Airlink Digital Radio Monitoring Service

Don’t let storm or criminals cut your business or home’s monitoring signals to Wilco Alarm.

Video Cameras & Remote Viewing Solutions 

To realize and meet the challenges that apply specifically to your family, Wilco trains its staff to recognize and suggest the best products and solutions for your security needs.

Wilco offers many security solutions for single-family homes, multi- tenanted buildings