What is Digital Cable?
It’s a new and improved method to deliver television signals to your home. Signals that will provide high quality picture and sound.

Why should I choose Digital over analog?
Digital Television provides you with more programming channels, multiple premium channels and a digital T.V. guide to make it easier for locating channels.

What should I do if I plan to move?
BEFORE YOU MOVE, please call Wilco. This is the best way for us to disconnect your service, retrieve your cable box, and arrange for cable television service in your new home. Call us in advance and we will schedule a new installation, provided that your new home is in our service area. Cable boxes, remote controls, and any other equipment provided by us should be returned to us immediately should you decide to disconnect your cable television service. You are liable for these items and will continue to be billed until the equipment is returned.

What is the difference between Basic Service and Digital Cable Service?
Digital Cable uses advanced compression technology to deliver more channels at higher resolution rates than is available with core analog cable service. While Basic and Expanded Basic channels remain analog within the digital delivery platform, key new benefits include:
More movies, special interest channels and sports
Digital Music Channels – delivered right through the set-top box
Interactive On-screen Program Guide from TV Guide permits control, choice and convenience

We have many affordable packages for you to choose from. For more information about digital cable service, or to upgrade your existing service, please contact Wilco.

What services does Wilco offer?
Wilco provides Basic Analog Cable and Digital Cable T.V. Please call a customer service representative at 215.540.3930 to find out if your can be serviced by Wilco.

How do I sign up for Wilco?
The easiest way is to call Wilco and speak to a Wilco customer service representative to order service. Please call 215.540.3930 for service. Of course, you can always email us at and a representative will be happy to contact you to help you sign up.

What are the hours of operation?
Wilco customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday 8AM to 5 PM. After hours you will be forwarded to our 24/7 answering service or you can send an email to customer service at and a representative will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

How Do I Program the Digital Cable Remote Control?
Your remote control is already programmed to control the General Instrument DCT1000 or DCT700 set-top terminals. To control another device, look for the list of manufacturers’ three-digit codes in the device codes section of your remote’s manual. Then perform the following steps:
On the remote control, press and hold the appropriate mode key until the four mode keys flash twice. The mode key continues to flash.
Enter the three-digit code. After you press the first digit, the mode key should light and stay on. After you press the last digit, the mode key should flash three times and turn off. If the mode light does not flash three times before turning off, the code is invalid for the device type.
Repeat the procedure with another device code for that manufacturer.
Point the remote control at the device and press POWER. If the device turns on and off, you have successfully completed programming for that device. If you have tried all the codes listed for the manufacturer and the device does not respond, refer to Finding The Correct Device Code below.
Note that in the TV and VCR modes, the PAUSE, PLAY, REW, REC and FF keys control your VCR. To record a program, hold down the REC button and hit PLAY.
Repeat this procedure for any other auxiliary devices using the AUX key instead of the TV or VCR key.

Master Power Control
You can program your remote control to turn the power on and off of all of your remote controlled devices when you press POWER. All devices must be in direct line of site to ensure proper operation. Perform the following steps to enable or disable power control for each device:
Make sure all devices to be controlled are turned on.
Press any mode key for approximately three seconds until all four mode keys flash twice. The mode key you press will continue to flash.
Press POWER twice. The mode key will flash three times and turn off.

Finding the Correct Device Code
If you have tried all the manufacturer’s codes on a particular device, but the remote will not respond, you can identify the correct code using your remote control.
Turn on the device.
Press and hold a mode key for three seconds until the four mode keys flash twice. The selected mode key will continue to flash.
Press POWER. The mode key will stop flashing, but remain on.
Point the remote control at the device.
Press and release the Cursor Up key slowly and repeatedly. Each time you press the key, the remote sends the power off command to the device using a different device code. When the device turns off, the remote is programmed with the code that controls that device.
Test whether other functions work using the remote. If a primary function does not work, continue to press the Cursor Up key to find another code that turns off the device. Then test the functions again.
When you are satisfied that all primary functions are working, press OK to lock in the code. Use the mode keys to switch control to a device. The four mode keys light to indicate which device is being controlled.

Recalling a Device Code
Perform the following steps to read the code currently set for the device. This is useful for retrieving a device code that was set using the scanning mode.

Press any mode key until the four mode keys flash twice.
The selected mode will continue to flash.
Press HELP. The mode key flashes each of the three digits in the device code. A pause separates each digit. For example, three flashes represents the number three. Rapid flashing represents zero.
Count and record the sequence of flashes to determine the three-digit code for your device.